"An emotionally inspired songstress with a graceful and versatile acoustic sound."

Originally from Nepal and now based in Toronto, Canada, Astha is an indie alternative pop singer/songwriter. She comes to the stage with a charismatic voice and an organic sound backed by her acoustic guitar and carefully crafted beats. Continuously writing music since the age of 14, Astha has an array of songs that hold strong meaning and deep truth for herself and her fans. The strength of her musical ability is showcased by her success both in Nepal and Canada. Astha has been playing with a broad concept to loosely tie her upcoming EP together: simplicity is the strongest form of sophistication. The album’s concept is to capture complex human emotions in the purest lyrical and melodic form. RIDE is the first single off of this EP featuring Toronto based rapper Manny Rite. Astha—her name itself means “faith,” and her faith is in music.



“I want to capture complex human emotions in the most simplistic form both melodically as well as lyrically. I dream of creating a sonic space of intimacy with my listeners. By welcoming them into my world and my emotions, I hope my audience will feel inspired to express theirs as well and hopefully discover their emotional freedom.” Astha